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memories for alpha

The show is cheesy and ridiculous, but this is about the feels. The kid calling him uncle Jack is actually his grandson. Jack is sacrificing him to save the rest of the world’s children. It’s a long clip, but it’ll let you really fuck with Jack down the line if you want to.

Jack dies. Which is not surprising to him. At all. He also loses someone he loves, though, and that isn’t normal for him.

The difference in this impending death is that for this one, Jack is entirely human, doesn’t want to die, and knows that it’s still going to happen. He’s sacrificing himself to save London during WWII, though, and so there’s a surprisingly quick accepting of his fate.

And then The Doctor and Rose and his whole life changes. Lovely sense of family, if you want to view it in combination with memory 4 and find out that he lost it all and that Rose is the one who broke him.

Jack being told he’s fundamentally wrong by someone he loves and someone who just keeps taking and taking from him. He doesn’t say so, but it hurts a hell of a lot, and robs him of his last bit of hope.

During the scene he also happens to be deactivating a radioactive core on a station, and he knows he is destined for a really horribly painful death at some point in the future from it. Which also sucks.

Naked hide and seek. Well, the aftermath of naked hide and seek. Let’s say that the memory stops with Gwen walking in, and you can fill in the bits before if you like.

Jack gets a makeover from robots and then things turn explodes, as they tend to do.

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