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never got to post to hometrail - want to keep it anyway

Characters: Jack Harkness
Setting/Location: somewhere in the lake, not too close to the tournament
Date & Time: after the trident pulls the big flip-flop
Warnings: none
Summary: apparently jack is half fish now. also, he's letting people drown. i guess he didn't get gau's message.

Tail. That was new. Not particularly pleasant, either. Entirely new sets of muscles moving in entirely new ways. Jack wasn't totally without experience when it came to changing shape. Last time he'd gotten tits, though. They'd been considerably more fun than this. Simply not wanting it didn't do any good. He stared at the light blue scaly nuisance and it did absolutely nothing in response aside from catch unseen currents and turn him slowly upside down.

While Jack was swimming in a slow loop-de-loop and wondering what he was supposed to do now, people with brand new legs near him were clutching their throats in surprise while their lungs tried to breathe water they were no longer equipped to handle. Once upon a time he would have been scrambling to reach them all, forcing his body to work quickly enough to drag them to the surface. A different time with a different view of the universe, a life he valued living. Death was natural, a part of living. He couldn't save them - not really. Not entirely, so why bother trying? They'd only find another way to die. He could follow a person around for eighty years, saving them over and over again, and at the end of it all he'd still lose them. He'd probably lose them sooner. He wasn't very good at keeping people alive. There was no God and one man couldn't change things. If it was their time, then it was their time. Not his responsibility, not his problem. No, his problem was blue and slippery and still not working properly, because he still hadn't managed to right himself in the water.

It would probably help if he looked at it, watched how the muscles worked under the scales. It was too blue, though - too bright and clear and unwilling to leave his mind. Everywhere he went, blue eyes followed him. Blue eyes full of love and fear and, at the very end, betrayal. Jack's eternal reminder that he hadn't been enough. His punishment. His albatross. His debt.

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