Mar. 2nd, 2011

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He's got a warehouse near the harbour. The top level is living, the large open space below is where he does his tinkering on larger items. Bigger than a breadbox, he doesn't bring it upstairs.

Jack is a cautious person, so he's got security in place. Lots of it.

Can you apparate/teleport/whatever you want to call it? If you try to rematerialize (or whatever you want to call it) inside the warehouse, you won't be able to. It's not just science keeping you out, and it's not just magic. You will be redirected on a molecular level to a spot outside his home. A spot at the bottom of the outside stairs and a couple feet off the ground, to be precise.

If you just wander up to the door and try to open it, you'll get a little shock. Try to force it open, and you'll get yourself electrocuted. Even if you blast the door off its hinges and leave a gaping hole, there is still an incredibly stable field of electric energy. Same with the windows or any area of the walls, floor, or roof that you could try to make your own entrance in.

Basically, if you want in, someone has to let you in. Who can do this? Jack or Merlin. Actually - the twins are pretty smart by now. If they know you, they can probably also let you in. Smile pretty for the security camera so they know who's there. If you know you should be allowed in, you can go ahead and godmode the dragons for that.

It works. Not enough to get him out of the city or enough to let him move through time, but through space? Totally. It drains more of the power to use it, and it took him a looooong time to get it operational after the city killed it, but he can move around with it. It also keeps a rather extensive catalogue of his life and his memories for him. Think of it as an external hard drive he started using when the internal hard drive of his brain got too full.

Low level. He's much better at keeping you out of his mind than he is at getting in to yours. Once he's established a psychic link with you, though, he should be able to find you fairly easily. If you have a problem with that, let me know.


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